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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Angel's Landing Camping

my catfish i weighed about 9 pounds.
 my hubby and I, along with my mama,sister, and nephew just returned from a little R&R. we went camping at a''HOLE ON THE WALL'' place, we just kind of ran up on. we had fun cooking, fishing, and camping and lots of laughs and good times. we cooked some yummy hotdogs with homemade chili, wonderful waffles, and even some fried catfish.
our view from our campsite.
the campground..

while we were there, drake met a new friend. his name was hunter. he was there with his grandparents. drake and hunter hit it off.. and they were inseparable after that. they had a blast fishing, riding bikes, name it, they done it.. they really liked being together. on sunday night, myself, hubby, drake, hunter, and pop-pop(hunter's grandpa) went night catfishing with a man, Mr. Ritchie..this man was a trip!! he knew how to cafish.. we caught 3 in a short time. drake caught this one, it weighed 19 pounds!! he was reluctant to holding it to take a pic, this is the closest we got him to it, but he was still all smiles!!
yes!!this is real!!! there were several around the campground..this little guy lingered at the drain pipe where you clean the fish.. when you cut the water on, the water runs to the end of the pipe, into the lake, and he sits at the end of the pipe.. it ws really something being that close to the gators.. and scary too.. and they were fun to watch...
my mama bought me a new waffle iron.. and we had a fun time making waffles for breakfast, one morning.. they were delicious!!
we had a great time, and it was so good to be with family, and have fun times together.. we look forward to going back there, soon!!

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