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Thursday, February 16, 2012

gloomy and dreary

we have not had a real cold winter, but a gloomy and dreary one, we have had...we have not had many sun-filled days around here lately...i am so ready for warm, spring- like temps, and some pretty sunshine filled days... i recently had a birthday.. it was a good one.. we celebrated with a soup/salad/sub was a fun night, and my mama made me a white chocolate cheesecake.. that is heaven in your mouth, just in case you wanted to know.. i got some $$$$$$$$, which i am putting away for something special later on....

Valentines was okay..chris had to work, so we celebrated there with a taco i am glad i don't have to just celebrate on valentine's the love that we share... it should be an everyday thing...
hope everyone is having a blessed week!!!

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