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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

happy birthday ben!!

my nephew is 15..yesterday was his birthday!!! i can hardly believe he is old enough to get his permit..,and soon will be driving..eeeekkk!! he has a sweet little friend that is his ''sweetheart''..they are cute together..we celebrated his birthday tonight, at a favorite place of his. when we were leaving it came a thunderstorm.. i have heard in the past, if it comes a thunderstorm in the winter, that within 7 days ,you will have a snow..nmmmm.. i think NOT.. haha..

we went to the mountains this weekend.. we had a fun, relaxing time. my mother and my sister went with us.. it was soo fun. we had this nice, cozy, cabin.. it snowed thursday night about an inch.. it was pretty.. we had fun, shopping and relaxing, and ate some yummy food!! i have been working on a few ''new'' things.. excited for some things to share in the future!!!

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