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Friday, August 27, 2010

we went last weekend to the race in Bristol,Tn. we went up on thursday morning. we had a great drive up. it was very pretty. we stayed at the same campground we stayed at a few weeks ago..thanks to some friends... we enjoyed their camper. it was home.. we were all cozy, and cool..
we went to a nearby mexican place for supper. it was kind of a late lunch, but at any rate, we were full.. so, we came back and fished. chris caught 2 fish. he was proud. i took a much needed nap. we watched tv that night and relaxed. the next day, we headed to Pigeon Forge ''town area''.. we went shopping and ate at the Apple barb for breakfast.. we went to the Titantic Museam.. it was a prize..((GRIN))>> we had a great time looking t all the artifacts, some actual from the ship, we took fun pictures, and at the end, we found out we it was fun.. we came back and went swimming and then got ready for a nice meal at the Chop House.. we love this place,, and was hungry for a was good..we went to the race the next day. the day started off WET. AND RAINY...and i was not sure about the race.. we spent the morning killing time at this big flea market..chris got a good deal we left there and went to the race. we rode the shuttle around the track, and got some lunch b4 going into the race track.. it was very fun and exciting..and can you say, "LOUD????" it was late when we got back to the camper. we got up the next morning and headed home. we had a great service at church sunday !!!! it was a great weekend.. and we had a great time together.
i took lots of pics.. so, sit back and enjoy!!!

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