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Thursday, January 7, 2010


every new year comes with new resolutions that one makes. whether it is too lose weight, exercise more, not spend as much money, or any other thing that comes to thing is for sure... most of the time , they are not carried out...

i usually do not make many of these, and if i do.. they are usually personal. one, i have made this year, is to try to spend more time with my family. we do spend a good bit together.. but we all have our own lives, and yet, stay extremely busy...i would like to get to spend more time with my sisters, and my mother, and have more ''girl time''..

last week, chris and i went to the mountains to ring in the new year. my niece, corrie, and her boyfriend, jamie..joined us.. we had such a great time..and enjoyed that one on one time with them, and i think they enjoyed the time with us also.. they both needed to get away from their work and school enviroments, and just hang out.. we went shopping, ate at some great places, and took in all the sights and sounds.

one of the reasons i made this resolution was, a lady in my church, was recently killed in a car accident the week before Christmas..she was the mother of four children, and the wife of a good GODLY man.i am sure last Christmas, she or her four kids or husband, never thought this would happen..they just went on just like everybody else did.. but now, this Christmas their mother was not there..they had her funeral just days before.. so, it kind of hit me hard, to never take for granted those wonderful times together...and when you have those wonderful times of fellowship, take in each other, the smiles, laughter, facial is times like these that matters the most... because you never know when you or your family member will go, you just need to be ready.

i, too, have made another resolution, and that is to try to read more. i want to read my KJ Bible, more and more, and i want to learn more from the Word of God.. like i said, alot of people make several resolutions and some are kept, and some or not, but with the LORD'S help, i hope to keep mine.. happy new year..and may GOD richly bless ya this year in a very special way..

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Kristi said...

That was a great post, Dana! We should all reslove not to take for granted time with our family, and even our friends. To cherish each and every moment God gives us with one another and to also make an impact on that loved one or friend because it could be US they will be missing. And I hope to leave them with fond memories.

I love you, my buddy!!