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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

are you loyal?

today, my study was on loyalty and our contribution as beautiful women. how does your husband trust you?? is he always wondering where you are, or does he worry about your friends? does he ask you questions and you stretch the truth?? we should be a rock for our husbands. we ought to be honest about whereabouts, who we hang with, and talk to. we should live our lives, so that our husband never has to worry about trusting us.our strength is brought by GOD. LOYALTY is so beautiful in GOD'S eyes.

*TAKE TRUST SERIOUSLY.---- this is not a joke to your husband or to GOD. he knows always.this is a cornerstone we can lay. ask GOD to transform your character and pray daily for this.
* KEEP YOUR WORD----- be a woman of your word.. don't say one thing and do something else. keep your appointments.
* FOLLOW THROUGH ON INSTRUCTIONS----- this is a measure of our faithfullness and loyalty. we can build trust by doing what we are told.
* WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT----- check with your husband first, before you make any hasty decisions..
* BE ACCOUNTABLE---- let your husband know where you willl be and when to expect you. you never know what will happen.

we need to take HIS WORD seriously.we can trust HIM because HE is so faithful to us.
the main thing i learned in this chapter is we need to be arock for our husband, and be a woman of our word. in doing so, GOD can transform me into one of HIS treasured cornerstones.

''That our sons may be as plants grownup in their youth: that our daughters may be as corner stones,polished after the simillitude of a palace.'' PSALM 144:12

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