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Saturday, December 19, 2009

a little reminiscing on Christmas memories

Everyone has special childhood Christmas memories.. i know i do. One for example, i have meantioned on here before is when me and my sis saw santa...and his sleigh toward our house one Christmas eve will never forget that. i have so many dear memories, but these are some of my favorites, and i will share them, so enjoy...

I will always remember my whole family spending the night at my house.. at the time,all 9 of us.. under one roof.. sleeping on pallots in the floor, all snuggled together, anticipating Christmas morning.. with a time of giftgiving and enjoying santa and what he brought, followed by a hearty breakfast.. that was when my niece and nephew were just toddlers, wow, where has the time gone???

i loved going to my grandmother's at Christmas time also..she had this tree.. it was a ceramic, handpainted tree with these beautiful , small, lights.. they were awesome to squeeze, and,lol....don't tell!!!! i loved this tree and the special thoughts and memories that it gave me as a child. i will never forget that.

this is the tree, not lit can see how beautifully painted it is..

this is the tree, all lit up..see the little lights and why i loved them so much!! it is so bright and magical!!!

around Christmas time every year, my mother and my sisters would put the tree up and decorate it.. despite many, many arguments, and arranging the lights about 50 times, we always had that perfect tree.. oh, it was so pretty.. and we had special ornaments on our tree.. most, we have had since we were little..minewas this sweet, little, santa.. he waved at me every time i looked at him..and my parents had my name engraved on it... it was so special every year, to reach in that ornament box, and find my special ornament, and put it on that special place i had on the tree.. now, that i am married, and have a home of my own, i still have this special ornament, and still find that special place on my own tree to put it every year.. and he is missing some things, my name, you can no longer see, and his arm is missing a piece of the stained glass, but it is still just as special as ever, and he still brings back such sweet, childhood memories, that i hold very dear to my heart... and memories with me and my family that i will cherish not onlyat Christmas time, but for a lifetime..

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