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Thursday, May 21, 2009

i've come too far

hello to all.. it is a little cooler here today, the wind is blowing, and right now, it looks as if it might come a shower of rain.. that is okay with me. i have had a good day, i have been packing away most of my winter things.. i know, it is a little late fot that, but i have not had a lot of ''extra '' time to do it, so, i figured i would today...

i have had a pretty tough week.. but GOD'S grace has been suffiecient!!! i made up my mind yesterday that i would not let the devil get me down, that i would and could make the most of ANY situation.. and i did..
i have come too far to turn back again, i sing that at church sometime, the words came to my heart yesterday and i sang it all day... i have climed mountains, crossed rivers, desert places, i have known...BUT I AM NEARING THE HOME SHORE..the redeemed are rejoicing, Heaven's angels are singing.. i've come too far to turn back..praise HIM.for HE is ALWAYS there..amen!!!!!

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Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Not sure what is causing you grief. . . but I will be praying for you. In God's hands,