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Friday, September 26, 2008

weird weather

hello, and good morning.. we have had some beautiful,wierd, fall like weather these past few days... chris and i have both been off for the past two together. we needed that time.. wednesday, it was a sunny, beautiful, fall morning. i went out after eating biscuits with pear preserves,lol,... and sat on the front porch with my coffee.. it was awesome... just a beautiful day... we went to the gym and worked out... and then stopped for a nice supper before church..
yesterday. it was a lot cooler, with huge, wind gusts.. i kept hearing it all during the night.. we went to the gym, and stopped for a few things at the grocery store. since it was so cool, we both decided to make homemade vegetable soup for supper... and it was so good.. i guess, because we had not had it in a while. i went to the church yesterday to help jennifer, it is starting to look really pretty.... she is starting to get really nervous.... i know the wedding will be beautiful..

last night, we had 2 of our favorite shows back on .. survivor, it lasted 2 hours last night!!! and the season's premiere of my most fav show, you guessed it, ER...
DR. PRATT died last night. i was in tears...chris just laid there and laughed his head off!!!! ugh!!! lol... and today i wake up, and it is POURING the rain... that can only mean one thing this time of the year.... the FAIR is in town!!!!! can't wait... mmmm... vinegar fries and funnel cakes... candy apples!!!! yum!!! have a great day!!

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