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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Danielle and Reuben

saturday night, i attended the wedding of a friend from work. her name is danielle. she is a real sweet girl and friend. her wedding was held at the Carolina Country Club. it was the prettiest wedding i have ever been to that was outside. it was gorgeous!!!! the food was great. we had all kinds of nice food and the cake was great also. the ceremony was so pretty, and simple. she had a harpist, and the music was awesome. i went with my friend april, and missy and annette from work. we met up with the rest of some of our coworkers at the wedding. danielle has a little girl, during the ceremony, reuban presented her with a necklace with a heart shaped charm on it. it had her name and the wedding date on it. it was so special. the moon was beautiful tonight. i created this slideshow of this special time. hope you enjoy, and have a great evening.


Lisa said...

That was a lovely outdoor wedding.
I love your dress. I hope and Chris are doing great. All is well here ;0) Hugs to ya. Lisa

Kristi said...

Looked lovely. Glad you had a nice time. Weddings are so fun, aren't they?