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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

shopping and church party

today, i went with my mother to get some last minute gifts for my husband. we were in a hurry, i needed to get back home. i made a cake and pimento cheese for tommorrow. we are having a christmas lunch and farwell party for my boss. she has accepted a new position at work.

we had our church party tonight. we had a bbq supper. my mother recieved a special gift, a new ipod!!!! she was so happy, and i was happy for her!!!

well, one more day to go, then i will have some much needed time off from work!!!


Happymama said...

I just loved watching your mother open that gift. Her face showed how shocked she was. It was really sweet. I think she'll enjoy the ipod, don't you?

Can you email me, please? If you'll look in my blog profile, you'll see where you can email me. Thanks!


Happymama said...

I suppose I should clarify the emailing part...I don't have your email address and I wanted to show you something so if you could email me, then when I reply to you I'll have your addy in my book.