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Saturday, December 8, 2007

merry CHRISTmas!!!

hi and merry CHRISTmas!! we have been so busy!! we have tried to finish all our shopping, and we have only 2 more gifts to buy. i have not had the extra time to post , so i finally got a little down time to post some things. my mother took me to lunch yesterday and we went shopping. today, chris and i were both off of work, so today, he and i did some more shopping.

it is so easy to get tied down with shopping, rushing here and there, tempers flaring, and trying to make sure you don't forget anybody.yet, we still sometimes forget the true meaning of the season. you may recieve many great gifts season, but JESUS is the best gift you could recieve and want. if you have HIM, it is all you need, and nothing else matters. i hope everyone takes this to heart. i wish you a great night of rest, and enjoy these unusually warm temperatures!!!

i will leave you with some pics of some of our CHRISTmas decorations.

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Lisa said...

Your home and your tree is decorated so nice. I wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and very Happy new year! Love and best wishes. Lisa