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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


When you were growing up, did you stop and think of what you wanted to be?? Like a housewife, mechanic, carpenter, sales person? Of course, you change your mind a thousand times, but down deep inside, you have that inkling of what you want to do and pray for God's will. You also want to be the GREATEST that you can be at that chosen profession. You might ask yourselves how can I be GREAT at this thing> I feel personally you learn from those before that has acheived  GREATNESS already.
I attended the funeral of one of the most caring, wonderful, Christian ladies today. She was a beautiful lady inside and out. She was a true example of the Proverbs 31 lady. She was selfless, and giving in her ways of cooking, gardening, or just a person to talk with, and her TIME. A few years ago, I went to the mailbox one day... inside their was a cooking magazine.. I knew I had not ordered a magazine, so I go to open it and it had lovely card inside, that said,'' just was thinking of you, hope you enjoy, Love, Mrs. Oxie''
This was something that was much needed, at the time.. She knew I was like my mother and grandmaw and knew I enjoyed my time in the kitchen when I could be in there.. I really don't know what made her think of me at that particular time, but I REALLY will always remember that.. that one true GREAT thing she did..  it blessed my heart so much...there a 80something year old lady thinking to do something for me.. I felt so unworthy.
Another thing that made her so GREAT was she was obedient to the Lord and admired her husband, another GREAT example of the Proverbs 31 lady. She always was doing the right thing, and lived her life accordingly. She was raised right and loved her Church and her Church family. She lived a GREAT life in front of her family, and even shunned by some of her immediate family, but still lived a GREAT Christian life. Her character was formed EARLY in life. When her husband died, her faith in the LORD did not die, she kept on keeping on and doing GREAT things for the Lord.
I can truly say she was an ENCOURAGER and always encouraged me , with singing or telling me she got a blessing from my singing.. what she did not know was she was encouraging me to do GREAT things for the LORD and be a blessing to others. I was truly blessed to be able to sing with a gruop of ladies today at her funeral During the singing today, I just felt her smiling down.. . She was a huge and GREAT encourager and help to my grandmaw when my grandpa died. She would come home with her on Sundays after Church and spend all Sunday afternoon with her , talking with her, rocking, and catching up on things that had happened that week, for that I will always be GRATEFUL.
So, you see, why I think this lady was GREAT, and through her life, MANY can see the GREAT things she did, and most of all, the GREAT GOD she served, and because of that, we can ALL be encouraged to do GREAT things , and be a better and GREAT person for the LORD. May we all do GREAT things for Him.

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