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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Relief, Relax, and Family time

If you go to downtown Gatlinburg, you know Fannie Farkles is a MUST!! The corndogs are so good!

Every january, some of my family always takes a week to go to the mountains for a little ''after Christmas break''. This year was NO exception. After the Christmas rush and events we had happen on Christmas, it was a much needed time to take off, sit back, relax, and relief from the rush, catch up, and enjoy some QUALITY FAMILY TIME. This year, I was so happy.. EVERYBODY CAME except for Scott, Drake, and my daddy. You have to understand, it is not that they don't interact with us or they don't do things with us, they just don't travel that
ANYHOO, we all had a great time. We rented a bigger cabin this year, so it would accomadate us better. It was roomy and spacious, and had lots of running room for lil d. It was so fun watching her go from place to place, looking around in everyone's room, and watching her new movie we bought her, ''Shrek''. She had fun and was spoiled by all of us! 
on sunday, the Cowboys played.. Chris smoked ribs and bbq all day on sunday for us, so we had a delicious meal waiting on us when we got back from gatlinburg!
fun time riding go carts. lil d is not scared of anything! 
Eating breakfast at my favorite friend's place.. Paula's
love this pic!
living room at the cabin
how bout a pic before a day of shopping
corrie and kevin getting their corndog fix!!
she loved this at the ripley's believe it or not
a selfie at the island
we spent saturday night at the Island. Some of my family had never been there before. It was a lot of fun!
the ferris wheel at the island!
love this mirror selfie with this sis.. God is good!
eating lunch at Five Guys..yummmmm!
on the porch
mother and her girls!!!!
Just like always, we had a great time being together, eating, watching sappy movies,playing games, playing cards, the guys shot pool, Lil d got in the jacuzzi, we ate.. you see what we did.. We can't wait to do it again!!!!!!

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