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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Another Great Time

We  just returned a few days ago from our annual anniversary trip. This time, we wanted to do something different. We decided to go to the Florida Keys. We both had never been there before. We had talked about going a couple years ago, but decided to do a cruise, so this year we finally got to go. We left on a friday, and drove down to one of our favorite places to spend the night, Amelia Island. We love it there... so quaint and fun, and beautiful. We ate at one of our favorite places, Barbara Jean's... what a treat, simply delicious!!!!! We left the next day and drove 3 1/2 hours to stay the weekend with some amazing friends. We went to their Church on Sunday. It is in Fort Pierce, fl. We had so much fun catching up with them. It was great to see their beautiful Church and fellowship with their sweet folk. We left there on Monday and drove on down to the Keys. The first few days, we tent camped. We stayed three nights at the Bahia Honda State Park. It was so beautiful. We had no electricity, just running water. We had a great time , fishing, and cooking our meals. It kind of took us back to our '' earlier'' days of camping.. back to when we first got into camping.... I can tell you I am so thankful for our camper now... The access to having everything right there with you is so great..haha. We did sleep well, and had some funny times there.
We spent the first few days exploring the lower keys.. going to Big Pine Key, Key West, and Islamorada. there are some beautiful places. We went to some great spots for fishing!!! Key West can get a little wild some, but it was very fun. The nightly sunset party was really fun and beautiful to see.
 Bahia Honda State Park
 Our Camp SITE
 at the famous buoy here in Key West

 the Butterfly Museum. this was amazing!!!
sunset party on Mallory Square
We packed up after our three nights at Bahia Honda and headed north to Key Largo. It was a short drive. We stopped to feed the tarpon at Robbie's before heading to our next beachside cottage.
 Chris is feeding the Tarpon...
my turn now.. one did knick my finger.. it hurt a little
We spent the next four nights at the cottage. Key Largo is quaint like the other keys. It is a little small. There are little hole in the wall places everywhere.
 Our beachside cottage.. just steps from the water and dock..

We went to a nearby flea market, and shopped, they do not have a walmart. they have Kmart. It was really cool.


We went to the Theater of the Seas. It is like a little seaworld. They have dolphin shows, parrot and sea lion shows , glass bottom boat rides. We enjoyed that so much.
We left there on Monday and headed back toward Vero Beach. We spent the night there with them again, and I got to check something off my sand bucket list... I got to pick oranges...!!!!! We were treated by a man that goes to our friend's church. He has worked there for over 30 years. It was a great experience, and one I will always remember. wE DROVE OVER SEVEN MILES OUT TO THE ORANGE GROVES.

We also visited the Navy Seals Museum before leaving Fort Pierce. This was so neat and a great place for history. We got to see exactly HOW they took down Osama.

We drove to Savannah to spend the night before arriving back in good ole SOUTH CAROLINA!!! It was a wonderful little adventure.. We love to do things like that, not really sure of where we are going or what we are doing... just going... lol we had a  great 14th anniversary!

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