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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sunshine is back

HE put this sunshine over my shoulder.. just for ME!!

the warmer weather is here this week.. I have so enjoyed being able to walk around outside and feel and see the beautiful sunshine!!!! It only means that SPRING is almost here!! I am excited about the time change that will happen this weekend!! I love being able to come home to a little bit of daylight left.. We can do more things outside... and ready to gear up for this year's camping and fishing season..!!!!!

The change of seasons is something that has always fascinated me... I know it is all the LORD..but simple things that seem so little... like walking into work, and hearing the sweet, little birds just chirping away, and yet, the day is just breaking.... and the sky.. let me just say, ( just in case you have never really I am really into the sun.. sunsets mainly.. but I do love those sunrises.. lol.. I just don't get around to seeing them as  I am so into how the sun sets.. It really is amazing to watch.. The colors, the sky afterwards... the beauty of God.. is just breathtaking!!
 This was taken at the lake last may.. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful day!!!!

When I see things this beautiful, I think of a lot of different things.. But one thing that hits home to me, is just how POWERFUL God really is. The CREATOR, the FINISHER, the TRUE GOD!!  I love it when He speaks through nature... The end of a perfect day, with a promise of '' I am in control!""  When all these certain people want to prove that God does NOT exist...all they really need to do is look up.. 
''Every sunrise can give us Hope, but every sunset gives us Peace."
We had one of those ''spur of the moment days'', the other day.. Hubby comes home and says for me to get ready.. get ready to go on a little day road trip....''ok, I said!'' So, we got in the car and took a long country road.... a long, bumpy, BUMPY, country road...... to a bait and tackle shop he goes to, when he goes on the men's fishing trip.... We have an upcoming fishing/camping  trip planned, and we needed some things, so , we went.. and then traveled back and stopped for a late lunch at one of our favorite places... Culver's... We tried Culver's in florida last year on vacay for the first time.... we drove by and I said,''that is a new place, it looks good''.. so, we tried it.. needless to say, we went back 5 times in 14 days........ I know.. that is crazy.. but DO NOT knock it till you try it.... the custard is simply delish!!! My point is, We just love those spontaneous trips down those country roads.. even if they are rough.... lol  we still had fun, just being together... and admiring the beauty of the Lord..

Psalm 36:5King James Version (KJV)

Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.

God is faithful.. He is faithful to bless us with TIME. Time we take for granted, time we need for healing, time we need with each other.  When I look at the clouds and sun, it reminds me also of the promise of Heaven!! Thankful for this today! It is really hard to even think about, but if the sun and clouds can be so beautiful down here.. think about the beauty of Heaven. WOW!

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