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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Catching up and God's GRACE

I know it has been quite some time since I have updated on  here.. I do apoligize.. I do know I have some people that follow me on here and our happenings... I do thank you for taking your time out to read this blog.. We have had A LOT that has been going on over the past few months.. We have had the holidays, and my parents celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary, and My cousin, Gary, passed away with cancer, and then another blow, my aunt, fell and broke her hip on Christmas night...I am pleased to say she is doing MUCH better, and is recovering well... AND my nephew broke his foot while playing basketball in school..whew, I am tired... lol     The GRACE OF GOD has helped us over the past few months for sure......

My family and I, last year had planned our annual trip to the mountains after the holidays. We all were planning to go, my sis, angie, had a treatment at the beginning of that week, and was feeling pretty crummy by the end of that week, we were supposed to leave, so she and my mom did not get to go....... but THIS YEAR THEY DID....  SHE beat Cancer with the GRACE OF GOD!!!
We were able to go this year, along with them, and my other sis , and my nephew and his wife, and baby girl, Lil d. We had such a fun time, and it snowed while we there.. We had fun, laid back, just ''catching our breath'', relaxing by the fire, curled up, eating Krispy Kreme,(LOL), and watching movies... nonstop.. It was awesome.. Then, we would pack up, hit the town, shopping till we were dropping......literally!!!!!!!  We caught some great sales, and ate some yummy food, AND to top it off, went to eat at my friend, Paula Deen's.... it was fun, and a yummy treat!! We have been to her places in Savannah, The Lady and Sons, and Uncle Bubba's, but never to her place in Pigeon Forge.... We had a great time, and stayed in two really nice cabins... why 2 you might ask?? the first was where we had planned to stay the whole time, it is on top of a mountain, literally.... the forecast for snow was pretty definate, so we were at the cabin with already around 1 1/2 inches... and the owners called and told us that they were expecting more snow, and we would not be able to get back to our cabin, if we left to go anywhere... so they opted for us to move down to another cabin.. lower to where we could at least get out and about... SO WE DID... best decision we made.... The GRACE OF GOD helped us with this too...
all bundled up and ready for gatlinburg
 all the ladies
 my sis angie who looks AMAZING in this pic
 enjoying a great meal at Paula Deen's
 here we go a cooking, and one
 the gorgeous view from the upstairs of the cabin
my nephew and his family
   AND we got home safe and was just home barely before we got the same snow at our home..... it was the first of 2016!! and beautiful!!
 out and about to see the snow
 the beautiful snow
a beautiful view through town
The GRACE OF GOD..... it really is AMAZING.....  I have been studying on grace over the past few days in my devotions... and to sum it all up.. basically, all I can say is HE gives it even though we are SO VERY UNDESERVING!!!!!!!

2 Corinthians 12:9King James Version (KJV)

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon ME.
According to this verse, it is ENOUGH...Even when I am weak, and don't understand why I feel bad, or when I don't understand why ''certain people'' act a certain way toward me, or when family sometimes do bad things to you, and yet when they say'' I AM SORRY'' over and over AGAIN, but yet still continue... IT IS OK.. cause the GRACE OF GOD will see me through, and His power is ENOUGH to get me through.. when I am weak.. HE IS STRONG, AND I can get by and do the things in Life I know HE wants me to do and to use me to do for HIM..  
I have set aside some things that I know I would like to do or have, but can not do them without His GRACE!! Praying today to give my goals over to Him, and HE will help me achieve MY GRACE GOALS......   

Receive Grace,GIVE Grace, and Live Grace!

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