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Saturday, May 10, 2014

my friend who is my Mother

it's Mother's day weekend. It has been a great one so far. My mother and I went to a delicious lunch together yesterday. It was at one of our favorite places. We always have such a great time together.

My mother has always been a rock in our family. She has displayed true Christianity to our family. She is a true example of the Proverbs 31 woman. She always puts her needs above others. She is a TRUE dedicated wife. My daddy is so spoiled, it's funny. She is always ready to lend a helping hand. She always knows how to handle ANY situation and always knows what to do that is right. She is a praying lady, and still has faith that God is going to answer prayer in HIS time.

She is the best cook I know.. My sisters and I are so fortunate to have stood by her in the kitchen. She has taught us many tricks, and many great tips in the kitchen. She gave up her early 40's to take care of her daddy, my grandfather, who had suffered a stroke, and spent many long days with him, as he learned to ''live '' again. She made many trips back and forth from sc to nc taking me and my sis back and forth to work. She took care of all my nephews and niece while they were babies.. She has a heart of gold. She stood by my grandmother as she spent her last, days here on earth... She made the last few years of her life so special. She took her places she never got to go, and treated her like a queen.

My mother has done a lot of wonderful things, as you can see... yes, I am bragging.. why?? because i can, and she deserves this and so much more.... one thing that I really love to call her is ''MY FRIEND''.... I can not say that I was the ''perfect'' child growing up. I talked back way more times than I should. I got by with a lot too, just ask my sister.... I  did stuff that made me get whoopings, and I missed my curfew several times too.. but she never stopped being my mother.. She disciplined me in every way that she should have, and she always let me know why she was doing it... I am grateful for that.
I am older now, and though I am not a parent yet, I am so thankful for the way I was raised. I know the Lord thinks I am special because of who he chose to be my mama... We have made many precious memories. My mother is my friend, because she was my mother, FIRST........ she NEVER tried to be my friend first... We have such good times together, and I know I can always count on her to cheer me on in whatever comes my way.... I am so thankful that God chose her to be my mother, and I know my sisters do too.... Thank you mama for always being there, and for being my friend.... and my # 1 shopping buddy   
Happy Mother's day!!!! I love you so very much!! you are MY true blessing from God!!

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