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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

God's Quiet Stream

God's Quiet Stream
I will take special notice of the good things when they come.
I will fix my mind on what is
pure and lovely and upright.
When the heat and winds of life's storm come,
I will not fear; I know you are near.
I will not worry but keep on producing a life
that is a blessing for you and others.
Let me take time often to come drink from
Your quiet stream, I thank You for it.
A. Donihue

We recently returned from a little time away. We spent last week in a quiet little place. We had a real good time. The weather was wonderful. It was warmer for January. We only wore a coat for one day..I have some more pics I will post in another post later, but for now, I want to focus on this stream. Outside the cabin, was this really cool stream beside of us... I could sit out there and just listen to it for hours.. It was so peaceful, and then during that night, it rained some. The stream became a little higher. It was up in size and became louder. It was still beautiful to see and watch.

There are times when we face trouble. We feel as though we are in a desert, thirsting to death.We do not know what will come next. Everything around us is dead, dried up, and to a certain extent, WE are too.. That is when we can find a place.. a nice, little ,quiet stream to relax by, and even put our feet in for a soak.... a place for refreshment. a place to get a recharge. a place of knowing EVERYTHING is going to be alright. Water is needed for growth. Worry is a down fall for me. I tend to worry about things before they even happen. My mind plays tricks on me.. That is when I need to focus and trust God, with all of my problems..The mind can be a HUGE battlefield if we let it. God's Quiet Stream is a place of refuge.. Go there and leave all of the problems of life..He controls the stream and controls every problem we face.

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