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Thursday, November 8, 2012

roasted acorn squash = yummy

when fall rolls in, i tend to try to be in the kitchen more, trying new things. cool crisp fall days make you want ''comfort food''.. this includes yummy, hearty, soups, creamy hot pasta, and all the goodness of homemade apple ANYTHING.. after all, this is fall, and we know fall = apples..
when summer is coming to it's end, the grocery stores start putting out their fall squash, pumpkins, etc.  I want to first say, I LOVE FRIED SQUASH!!!! and i love to grow my own.. but i am interested in butternut, and acorn squash also... I recently started wondering what it would be like to bake or ''roast'' some.. so, I did.. It was very good.. 
 I took an ACORN squash.. Cut it in half, and got all the seeds out..
 I placed it in a glass pyrex dish, with just a little water..
 I drizzeled it with honey and sprinkled a little salt on it..
I baked (roasted) it in the oven, on 350 degrees for about 25 minutes..
after it comes out.. add a little butter, and i did add a small amount of brown sugar.. IT was YUMMY.. and if you wonder if it tasted like sweet potato... maybe a little.. but it was not near as sweet.. I liked this new alternative to squash..... OH, and NO, this is NOT off pinterest...just something I wanted to do.... lol

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