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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hump day

It started out as a dreary wednesday here..but it has ended up a rather windy wednesday!!!! and the sun is peeking in also... I have been staying busy with work, and such...but now, that is all over until saturday!! so, now to focus on some things here on the home

I really have a hard time keeping up with laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher..things like that.. but I have to make time for it.. so, that is really what I have been up to today... I have my mind on a few things... I feel like being on a beautiful , sunny, island right now...just me and hubby... soaking up the rays..and chillin to the sound of mariachi music.. lol... SNAP!!!!! back to reality!!!! for now, this picture will have to do...but oh well.. can't wait for warmer weather and fun times ahead.. but until then I will just keep on freezing and hybernating until warmer weather is here!!!!!

We celebrated hubby's birthday with the family the other night at Bronco's mexican.. He had a peanut butter pie for his ''birthday cake'' made by my mommy!! oh, it was heaven!! in our mouths!! So, church time will be here soon.. Hope everyone has a great week!!

Life is the flower for which Love is the Honey. - Victor Hugo

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