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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


we have returned from a wonderful, relaxing, restful vacation... we have got to see and do many things. we have celebrated 8 years of marriage...i love my husband more and more, everyday. it is so comforting to know, you were meant just for each other, and you can share, and laugh together... i love our time together, not just away on vacation, but everyday, and every moment together is priceless....

we did something a little different this year for vacation..we rented a house on an island.. it was a lot of house for just two people, but we enjoyed every minute of it. we went fishing, cooked some meals, ate out, shopped, laughed, walked 178 steps to the top of the tallest lighthouse in Ga..and spent many precious moments with each other...

it was great to sit on the roof top deck to watch the sunrise and sunsets together.. we rocked in the rockers.and loved walking on the beach.. the weather was just perfect..near 90 degrees everyday..

Sunday, was a great day in miss it soooo much when you are away, and it is true, there is none like your own church..God has been so good to us.. i was sooo anxious to get back because a dear man of God, in our church, had passed away in the beginning of the week..we were away and could not be there for the funeral..i felt awful...but was able to talk with the family, on sunday, and felt much better about it...praise THE LORD we will see him again..!!!

monday and tuesday, we both were off, so we decided to load the boat and go fishing AGAIN..

after some ''minor''issues, on both days, we finally got the boat straightened out..and proceeded with our little fishing excursion again...between yesterday and today , we caught a total of 9..i believe... it was fun..i caught the we had a ball... we had two delicious picnics, and enjoyed just being together...

i am very thankful for my hubby, and these 8 years have been great, and precious to me..

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me!!

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