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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a man that influences

wives need to support their husbands. whatever he may chose to do, it is important to the wife to be an active supporter in a loving way. she agrees with the decision he have for the family.i feel it is very important that the husband and wife agree on several things including family decisions.she is his helpmeet.he is known for solid character and important contributions to the family and his work.

today, in my devotion study, i see how the husband plays the role of influence. he influences his family, work, and service to the community.he is following GOD'S WILL AND PLAN for his life.he makes a difference in the world and better than that, his community. my husband has been in the local volunteer fire department for 20 years.during this time, he has helped to save many lives, and has allowed GOD to use him, accordingly. he has been in many sme of which were pretty tough..but it is something he feels ''called'' to do. so called, that he decided he wanted to do that full time 9 years ago. he works as a lieutenant for a nearby fire department. i am proud of him and the person he has become, and i am thankful he chooses to serve in the community. it is a blessing to see him be a blessing to others in their time of need.

some of the ideas given in order to support him is:

PRAISE HIM..-be thankful for him, and tell him

ENCOURAGE HIM..- when he feels like giving up, let him know ''someone'' out there needs him, and his skills,and services.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR MARRIAGE..- marriage is work.. i have known that from the beginning..whew..we have come a long needs to be worked on, and prayed over daily.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY..- this is a tough one..some husbands put other things before GOD, and his family..take their needs, clothes, shelter, ..all of these are very important.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HOME..- don't take care of things at work, or other things, that take you away from things that YOU need to do at home..whether it be repairs, household chores, or everyday maintnence.

TAKE CARE OF FINANCES..- this is a biggie..cut down on spending money on things that you really don't need, and up savings..

PRAY FOR HIM..- we don't know what he will face when he leaves in the morning..he may have a tons of bad things come his way.. pray a hedge around him..ask the LORD to protect his day, and safety, and help him throughout the day..

SUPPORT HIM..- this is kind of hard..for me sometimes..i do support him, but i have a hard time with seeing things he faces..i always worry about him, and his safety..people are crazy..and do stupid things.. i have to keep my focus on the LORD, and not on things from day to day.

the best thing about all of this is that you are together in this..this is something you are not faced with can be proud of him, and rejoice together when something good comes his way..i want to be a wife who supports my husband in ways that will strengthen him and glorify GOD. he strives to be a godly man of influence in his work and his community.

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