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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

it's fair time

it is beautiful here today. fall is definately in the air.. it is starting to look more and more like fall too. this week, our annual county fair starts... i always love the fair.. i have many fond memories from childhood, that was made at the fair... we would always go as a family every year, and my daddy would always get a ham biscuit, and i always, had to have a cotton candy and candy apple to have to eat several days later...i still do have to have those things, along with elephant ears, and i can't forget those vinegar fries...yummm.. i can taste them now!!!!!! i would always get to invite a friend, and we would ride the rides, eat, and enjoy all of the animals and exhibits.. fun times!!!

i am looking forward to the leaves changing.. it is always so pretty to see the different shades of orange, gold, browns, and reds...every year. i always take pics of the trees here in our yard... we have had a great weekend. we will be celebrating my sister's birthday this weekend.. looking forward to that.. and chris and i will be leaving for vacation this week, so pray for our safety in traveling....

1 comment:

Kristi said...

Have fun on vacation!! I know you'll have a great time!! You should enter your apple butter in the fair. Gooooood stuff!!

Love ya buddy!