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Monday, August 17, 2009

a little R AND R

chris and i just returned from a three day '' staycation''.... have you heard of the new trend this year?? to save money and because of our failed economy, families are taking small, afordable, vacations closer to home, some without leaving their town. we had already been on a trip to the beach with the family last month, but just needed a few days for some rest and relaxation.. in our case, we went about 30 minutes away..haha.. but i have to say, we had some much needed relaxation. we had both been working extra hard, and chris had worked some overtime, so, i know he was ready for some time off. we bought a new tent last year, but had never used it yet, so, we went out , got a few groceries, packed up most of our camping gear, and headed out to a nearby state park. i had never been to their campground. it was nice, we had a campsite right near the bathhouse...yes!!! the first day we arrived, we had bought this new screened in gazebo, we took with us, chris was furious with it.. it took forever to put together. after many times of saying'' this thing is about to go back in the box for good''.. i knew his patience was running real thin!!!!! BUT we finally got it put up, and set up our camp for the next few days..we had so much fun, we cooked some real good food, roasted marshmellows, grilled some fresh corn, swung on the swingsets,haha, visited this nearby lake, and also went to a nearby ''living'' farm and state military park.. it was rather interesting. i am ready to do it again really soon. i hope you enjoy our pictures..!!!


Kimberly said...

Hey Dana,

Looks like ya'll had fun! Which park did you go to? We are thinking of doing something like that.


Kristi said...

Nice shot of the donkey, there, Dana. ROFL