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Monday, April 20, 2009

spring has sprung

red azeleas
lilac and purple thrift

apple trees full of blooms

white azeleas

white dogwoods

you can see, spring has finally sprung in my yard... all of our shrubs, perrenials, tulips, azeleas,and trees are in full bloom... it is beautiful... some of our tulips did not bloom well this year... that's ok.. i plan on planting new bulbs this fall anyway. i love to see my apple trees with all those blooms on them.. that usually means lots of apple butter and apple jelly, fried pies, and such!!!! oh yea!!!! i have invested in some bird feeders this year.... the birds are i have been putting just a little seed in them.. they gobble it all up in a day or so.. they are breaking my!!!!! but it is fun to watch them.. maybe i can take their pic soon!!!!!


Lisa said...

All your blooms are so beautiful. I love this time of year.Hope your doing great.
Love ya. Lisa

Kristi said...

Yeah, all those apples for apple butter. That is very important...especially to your friends who do not know how to make apple butter.

Like me....who as you well know, does love your apple buttr. LOL